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If you believe...

That religious conflict is
an international dilemma

That a new religious America
demands understanding

That Jews, Christians, and
Muslims must work together
for a better nation and world

Become a part of the work of the
Center for Catholic-Jewish Studies

What Can Be Done?

The Center for Catholic-Jewish Studies seeks to understand, re-envision, and redefine the nature of Jewish-Catholic/Christian relations and the reality of a new religious America. Indeed, religious conflict at both the national and global levels, the so-called clash of civilizations, has resulted in intensified and diverse forms of conflict that require the appropriate educational and dialogical modes of conflict prevention management and resolution.

The CCJS seeks to take the lead in preparing the academic and religious communities for the new world after September 11, combined with the search for interreligious dialogue and understanding.

The CCJS affirms religious pluralism and cultural diversity within the American and global religious communities, while crossing religious boundaries and emphasizing unifying factors with numerous religious traditions. The CCJS will also enhance learning and scholarship to meet the challenges of the new religious America.