Graduate Academics

Saint Leo University is on a mission—to educate and prepare our students to make better lives for themselves and their communities.

Benedictine monks and nuns founded Saint Leo University in 1889. We emphasize today the core Benedictine values of community, respect for all, and responsible stewardship, along with excellence, personal development and integrity. We work hard to fulfill our mission and establish environments that manifest these values—through our online graduate programs and at our Education Centers, including the Adult Education Center at University Campus.

As part of our mission as a university serving community and student needs, Saint Leo offers graduate degree and post-baccalaureate certificate programs in Accounting, Business, Criminal Justice, Critical Incident Management, Education, Social Work and Theology.

Each of these programs is designed to assist professionals in meeting challenging career goals, and to prepare them for the rapidly changing professional world in which they live and work.


Program Campus & Centers Online
Accounting (M.A.) (MAcc) Campus & Centers Online


Program Campus & Centers Online
(D.B.A.) (Doctor of Business Administration (DBA)) Campus & Centers Online
Business Administration (M.B.A.) (MBA) Campus & Centers Online
Business Administration (M.B.A.) (MBA) - Accounting Online
Business Administration (M.B.A.) (MBA) - Cybersecurity Online
Business Administration (M.B.A.) (MBA) - Data Analytics Online
Business Administration (M.B.A.) (MBA) - Health Care Management Online
Business Administration (M.B.A.) (MBA) - Human Resource Management Online
Business Administration (M.B.A.) (MBA) - Marketing Online
Business Administration (M.B.A.) (MBA) - One-Year International & Experiential MBA Campus & Centers
Business Administration (M.B.A.) (MBA) - Project Management Online
Business Administration (M.B.A.) (MBA) - Social Media Marketing Online
Business Administration (M.B.A.) (MBA) - Sport Business Online
Business Administration (M.B.A.) (MBA) - Supply Chain Global Integration Management Online
Cybersecurity (M.S.) (MS) Campus & Centers

Creative Writing

Program Campus & Centers Online
Creative Writing (M.A.) (MA) Online

Criminal Justice

Program Campus & Centers Online
Criminal Justice (M.S.) (MS) Campus & Centers Online
Criminal Justice (M.S.) (MS) - Behavioral Studies Online
Criminal Justice (M.S.) (MS) - Corrections Online
Criminal Justice (M.S.) (MS) - Criminal Investigation Online
Criminal Justice (M.S.) (MS) - Critical Incident Management Online
Criminal Justice (M.S.) (MS) - Forensic Science Online
Criminal Justice (M.S.) (MS) - Legal Studies Online

Emergency and Disaster Management

Program Campus & Centers Online
M.S. Emergency and Disaster Management (MS) Online
M.S. Emergency and Disaster Management (MS) - Concentration in Fire Science Administration Online


Program Campus & Centers Online
Education (MED) (M.Ed.) Campus & Centers
Education (MED) (M.Ed.) - Educational Leadership Campus & Centers Online
Education (MED) (M.Ed.) - Exceptional Student Education Online
Education (MED) (M.Ed.) - Instructional Leadership Online
Education (MED) (M.Ed.) - Instructional Leadership with Reading Online
Education (MED) (M.Ed.) - Reading Online
Education Specialist (Ed.S.) Online
Teaching Exceptional Children (recertification) Online

Human Services

Program Campus & Centers Online
Human Services Administration (M.S.) (MS) Campus & Centers

Instructional Design

Program Campus & Centers Online
Instructional Design (M.S.) (MS) Online

Master of Accounting (MAcc)

Program Campus & Centers Online
Accounting (M.A.) (MAcc) Campus & Centers Online


Program Campus & Centers Online
M.S. in Psychology (MS) Online

Social Work

Program Campus & Centers Online
Social Work (M.S.W.) (MSW) - Advanced Clinical Practice Online
Social Work (M.S.W.) (MSW) - Advanced Standing Program Online


Program Campus & Centers Online
Theology (M.A.) (MA) Campus & Centers Online