Laverghetta, Antonio

Title: Associate Professor of Psychology

Department: School of Social Sciences

Phone: 352-588-8229



  • 2002 Ph.D. Experimental Psychology (Advisor T. Shimizu).
    The University of South Florida, Tampa, FL
    Department of Psychology
    Hodological, morphological, and ultrastructural characteristics in the collothalamic pathway of the pigeon (Columba livia).
    (Advisor: T. Shimizu)
  • 1998 M.A. Experimental Psychology (Advisor T. Shimizu).
    The University of South Florida, Tampa, FL
    Department of Psychology
    The effects of thalamic lesions on stationary and moving object perception in the pigeon (Columba livia).
    (Advisor: T. Shimizu)
  • 1992 B.A. Psychology
    The University of South Florida, Tampa, FL


I was born in Tampa, Florida and I currently live with my family in Spring Hill, Florida I enjoy reading, movies, and music. In particular, I love science fiction films. I enjoy spending time with my family. I am the proud father of three boys.

Community Affiliation:

  • I am member of several professional societies including Southeastern Psychological Association.

Teaching & Professional Interests:

I teach many different psychology courses including History of Psychology, Physiological Psychology, Psychology of Learning, and Sensation and Perception. I also serve as a reviewer for the peer reviewed journal Psychological Reports.

Recent Publications:

  • Laverghetta, A.V. (2015). The Relationship between Student Anti-intellectualism and Proneness to Boredom in a Sample of College Students. Accepted for Publication in College Student Journal.
  • Laverghetta, A.V. (2012). How Personal Worldviews and Need for Cognitive Closure Predict Political Ideology in a Sample of Undergraduates. Psychology and Education, 49(3,4), 16-24.
  • Laverghetta, A.V. & Nash, J.K. (2010). Student anti-intellectualism and College Major. College Student Journal, 44(2), 528-532.
  • Weinstein, L., & Laverghetta, A. (2009). Sex differences in college students' elementary arithmetic ability. College Student Journal, 44(3), 700-702.
  • Weinstein L, Laverghetta A.V., Alexander, R. & Stewart, M. (2009). Does Experience in College Mathematics Courses Affect Elementary Arithmetic Performance in College Students? College Student Journal, 43(3), 784-786.
  • Weinstein L, & Laverghetta, A. (2009). College student stress and satisfaction with life. College Student Journal, 43(4), 1161-1162.

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