Miller, Christopher

Title: Professor of Biology and Ecology

Department: Math and Science

Phone: 352- 588-8335



  • Bachelor of Arts, Biology, University of Texas, Austin
  • Masters of Science, Geography, University of Florida
  • Doctorate of Philosophy, Ecology, University of Georgia


Dr. Miller is a Professor of Biology and Ecology and has been teaching at Saint Leo University since 2002. Before moving to the greater Saint Leo metropolitan area, he lived in North Georgia for ten years.  Five of those years he was a professor at Brenau University, which is nestled like any university can be or should be nestled.  The other five years were spent finishing and conducting his Ph.D. in Ecology at the University of Georgia. Before his Ph.D. he completed his Master’s degree in Geography from the University of Florida. He has conducted research in the Amazon for 20 (Ecuador, Peru, and Brazil) years examining the sustainable production of non-timber forest products.  Before doing work in the Amazon (but after the wheel was invented and yet before the advent of poop emojis) completed my degree in Biology from the University of Texas.  His current research examines the role of a chemical ‘osmoprotectant’ (which sounds like a class of superhero but it’s not) in adapting black mangroves to physiological stress. And yes, like so much ecology nowadays, this has to do with climate change. 

Community Affiliation:

  • Coastal and Estuarine Research Federation
  • Association of Tropical Biology
  • Tri-Beta Honors Society
  • Society for Economic Botany
  • Society of Ethnobiology

Teaching & Professional Interests:

Currently, I teach Introductory Biology, Botany, General Ecology, several different ecology courses (Wetlands, Population, Community, Restoration, Tropical), several environmental science classes, and the senior research capstone course in the biology major.

But all this teaching and research would make a dull boy, so I mix it up by trying to stay in shape (mostly running), some gardening, traveling, and hiking. When I asked my daughter who is a freshman English major here at Saint Leo, “what else can I say about myself?”  she replied, “be sure to tell them you’re very annoying.” But I don’t believe her. 

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