Robbins, Jaqueline

Title: Instructor of Chemistry and Physical Sciences

Department: Department of Mathematics and Science


  • Undergraduate degree from George Mason University in Fairfax, Virginia – B.S. in Chemistry, 1985

  • Graduate degree in Chemistry, M.S. with environmental and analytical concentration, University of South Florida, 1992

Most recent work history:
Southwest Florida Water Management District, Brooksville, Florida; 1993 – 2012 with a specialization in inorganic environmental analysis. Earlier experience included work as an organic chemist for the State of Maine, DEP, and two years as a high school teacher for Hernando County Schools.

Courses taught:
Introductory Chemistry and Lab, General Chemistry I and II and Labs, Organic Chemistry Labs, Quantitative Analysis and Lab, Environmental Chemistry and Lab, Physical Science, and Evaluation of Global Warming. I have also taught various analytical short courses for the FSEA including turbidity, nitrogen, and phosphates in environmental waters.

Research interests:
Undergraduate research centered on shale oils and the abundance of normal alkanes in conjunction with high altitude jet fuels. The project employed the use of capillary column Gas Chromatographic analysis of extracted fuel stock.

Graduate research looked at the long term effects of the continued use of copper sulfate pentahydrate as an aquatic algaecide in the Hillsborough River Reservoir.

Publication highlights:
There were several presentations and publications from both projects, including ACS publications, the Royal Academy of Sciences in London, and Florida Scientist.

Professional Memberships, Organizations & Activities:

  • Member of the American Chemical Society since 1982.
  • Former member and “Member of the Year” for Florida Society of Environmental Analysts

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