New Graduate’s Goals: Military Service and Medicine

Amanda RenoAmanda Reno ’13, an ROTC cadet while a biology major at Saint Leo, received her commission into the U.S. Army as a second lieutenant in July. Her commissioning followed a month-long leadership development camp at Fort Lewis Army Base in Washington state. While it is more typical for ROTC cadets to complete the required camp between their junior and senior years, recovery from a foot injury delayed Reno until 2013.

Since her Fort Lewis experience, she has returned to her job at Manatee Memorial Hospital in Brandenton, FL, where she continues to work as a medical scribe in the emergency room while awaiting her Army posting. She first began working as a scribe part-time while a junior­­—one 12-hour shift per weekend­­—and enthusiastically recommends the work to undergraduates interested in pre-med. The scribes work side-by-side with physicians, inputting lab results and other pertinent patient data into laptop computers to free up the doctors’ time and to help maintain system efficiency. “Scribes get to experience the atmosphere and follow along with the thought process of the physician. You get to see a lot,” she said.

Second Lieutenant Reno is hoping to be assigned to the Army Reserves medical service office in St. Petersburg, FL, and is scheduled to take the MCAT imminently. She would like to attend an osteopathic school of medicine.

While at Saint Leo, the new officer also worked as a biology tutor and in 2012 as a mentor during the inaugural Biology Boot Camp for incoming freshmen bio majors. “I hope to come back in a couple of years when they graduate.”