We are proud of all our students who have graduated over the last few years, specializing in cybersecurity at the bachelor's or master's levels. Below is a list of some of the graduates that reflects the bright career prospects after finishing the academic program. them. If you are an alumni, and would like to have your profile included, please contact us with your picture and information.


Peter Merola

Major: CIS Graduated: Spring 2014

Current occupation: Graduate School, SUNY-IT.

Peter Merola says: My four-year experience in Saint Leo University’s Computer Information Systems program was very rewarding. The support and “hands-on” of the faculty and staff has helped me graduate with “Cum Laude.” Receiving individualized attention due to the size of my classes led me to attain the most computer knowledge possible for my educational value at Saint Leo University. My experiences and knowledge learned from the CIS program has helped me become well rounded to solve any problems that may arise during my employment and personal needs. The knowledge I received in the CIS program has led me to a paid Internship with a multi-national corporation while pursuing my Masters in one of the most needed fields: cybersecurity.

Steven Bullard

Major: CS Graduated: Spring 2014

Current occupation: Information Security and Risk Management Administrator at TCF Bank, Minneapolis

Steven Bullard says: Receiving my Bachelor's Degree of Computer Science: Information Assurance from Saint Leo University was one of the best decisions of my life so far. While attending Saint Leo I made many loyal friends and important business connections that have helped me through my journey. I also learned a great deal of practical knowledge from classroom lectures and collaborative hands-on activities, especially in the Information Security courses. I would have to say my favorite was Penetration Testing, which really inspired my team and I to develop our senior capstone that we dubbed 'Cookie Monster'. Cookie Monster is an invisible piece of malware known as a keystroke logger that we demonstrated for students and faculty on Academic Excellence Day, 2014.

Saint Leo also helped me gain real-world experience by letting me be an initial part of the student managed firm, Pride Consulting. This was the main reason for my internship opportunity with Technology Transfer Services that turned into a full-time offer after just 90 days. On top of that, I had three more offers that I actually turned down because of the amazing and demanding job market for Computer Science graduates! I have since moved back home to take a position as an Information Security and Risk Management Administrator at TCF Bank in downtown Minneapolis, Minnesota. TCF Bank has over 7000 employees, predominantly located in the Midwest. I am an assistant to all three of our Identity and Access Management Software Experts (Archer, Oracle Identity Manager, and SailPoint Identity IQ). Most of my day-to-day tasks include data validation and integrity checking, creating new users, reseting Active Directory passwords, requesting and revoking account access; basically making sure people are who they say they are. There are many things I owe my thanks to for where I am now, but Saint Leo is the reason behind it all.

Caleb Marler

Major: CIS Graduated: Spring 2014

Current occupation: VTT Technician, Saint Leo University, University Technology Services

Katrina Weicht

Major: CS Graduated: Spring 2016

Current occupation: N/A

Katrina Weicht says: My academic career was one of twisting, winding roads that brought me to Saint Leo University. The journey started as one with an undecided future and I only knew a few things going into it: I wanted to study abroad and I wanted to major in something relating to computers. Saint Leo University opened up so many opportunities to me and the faculty in the CS department has been nothing but supportive. From my first year after I transferred here, all my professors believed in me and taught me what I needed to know in order to do well in this field. Not only did I get to immediately focus on classes in my major, but Saint Leo University also allowed me to study abroad in my second year, then warmly welcomed me back when I returned home. I was able to pick up right where I left off and I was given even more opportunities in my senior year, where I got to be an intern with InfoSec and a work study student with the CS department.

My time at Saint Leo University gave me confidence in not only my area of study, but also in myself. The opportunities and time given to me by the CS department are irreplaceable and I will always look back at my experience at Saint Leo University fondly because it’s changed who I am for the better.


Reena Wright

Major: CIS Graduated: Spring 2016

Current occupation: Kforce Cybersecurity Team

Reena Wright says:  My experience in the Computer Information Systems major at Saint Leo was one of the best. I chose Saint Leo because of the class size and accessibility to the professors who helped me throughout my years of education. The enthusiasm and willingness to help truly sets this degree program apart from the rest. I honestly felt like part of a family which everyone looked out for one another. I won't say it was easy as I ran into some bumps in the road, but it was nothing tutoring, and extra studying couldn't fix.  I enjoyed being a part of the Cyber Defense group and the computing club where I held a position. My favorite class throughout the entire program would be the Intro to Information Security class. This is where my passion for the degree developed.  I helped start the Upsilon Pi Epsilon chapter, and I was able to receive hands-on skills that I can take to any job. With all the expertise I've received leaving the CIS program, I feel more prepared than ever to start my career in information security. I anticipate finishing my Masters of Science in Cybersecurity here at Saint Leo as I entered the 3+1 program upon entrance to the CIS curriculum.