Management Industry Advisory Council

The Management Industry Advisory Council supports Saint Leo University's management and business administration program offerings, providing valuable industry insights and commentary. The council meets twice annually to discuss industry trends and report findings on a variety of action items while helping advance the department’s strategic plan, operational responsibilities, and ultimately, student success.

Industry Members

  • Sam Farney, CPM: President/Head of University Relations, ISM-Florida Gulf Coast Chapter Inc.
  • Jesse Tyler Husted:  Manager of Student-Powered Strategies, GTE Financial
  • LaTarsha Melvin: Retail Staffing Specialist, Publix Supermarkets
  • Oscar Redden: Area Manager, Wal-Mart Distribution Center
  • Phil Roggieri: CEO, Ideas Integration
  • Jean Lunder-Slepecky CTC, DS, LS: Regional Director, The Auto Club Group
  • Kenneth Strickland: Senior Manager, Research & Evaluation, Tampa International Airport
  • Louis Travieso: CIO, Eco Systems Products and Services Group, Accenture

University Members

  • Webster B. Baker, JD, PhD: Assistant Professor of Business and Management
  • Andrew Gold, PhD: Associate Professor of Management; Council Secretary
  • Robert Liddell: Director, Career Planning
  • Ronda Mariani, DBA: Assistant Professor and Chair, Department of Management & Business Administration

Ex-Officio Members

  • Balbir Bal, PhD: Dean, Donald R. Tapia School of Business
  • Eddie Kenny: Director, Alumni & Parent Relations
  • Lorrie McGovern, DBA: Associate Dean, Graduate Studies in Business