Virginia Region Advisory Council

The Virginia Region Advisory Council consists of industry professionals from various sectors in the business community. The council serves as an advisory body to the faculty and administration, providing professional expertise and perspective that supports and enhances the school’s academic programs at the region’s education centers.

Industry Members

  • Jenna Coffey OS1: Recruiter, United States Coast Guard
  • Juanita Cribbs: Human Resource Manager, City of Norfolk
  • Bobby Edwards: Manager of Bus Transportation, Hampton Roads Transit Authority
  • Brian Evans: Vice President of Operations, E.V. Williams, Inc.
  • Patricia Greer: Manager-Learning & Development, City of Virginia Beach
  • Sam Hochberg: Vice President-Adult Services, The UP Center
  • Jake Johannson: Support Activity, United States Navy
  • Lawrence Koeck: Instructor, Newport News Shipbuilding
  • Quinn Leoni PhD.: Council Chair, Organizational Development and Talent Management, Cox Communications
  • Jeff Luttrell: Recruiting Manager, Xerox
  • Corey McCray: Executive Director, The Pruden Center for Industry and Technology
  • Nancy Rogan: Director of Community Engagement, WHRO
  • Edward Ryan: Assistant Chief of Police, City of Norfolk
  • Lisa Shepherd: Director of Staff Development and Recruiting, Westminster Canterbury
  • Catherine Transfiguracion: Council Secretary, Sentara Enterprises
  • James Wallis Jr.: Instructional Design, Newport News Shipbuilding
  • Kelvin Wright: Chief of Police, City of Chesapeake

University Members

  • Sheri Bias PhD: Assistant Professor of Human Resources, Langley Office
  • Lamine Conteh DBA: Assistant Professor of Accounting, Langley Office
  • Christine Gordon PhD.: Assistant Professor of Health Care Management, South Hampton Roads Center
  • Barry A. Hoy PhD: Associate Professor of Human Resource Management, Chesapeake Office
  • Okey Igbonagwam PhD.: Assistant Professor of CIS, South Hampton Roads Center
  • Shannon O. Jackson PhD.: Regional Academic Director, Fort Eustis Center
  • Pamela Lee PhD.: Assistant Professor of Management, Chesapeake Office
  • Robert Pratt PhD.: Assistant Professor of Business, Fort Lee Center

Ex-Officio Members

  • Balbir Bal, PhD: Dean, Donald R. Tapia School of Business
  • Eddie Kenny: Director, Alumni & Parent Relations
  • Lorrie McGovern, DBA: Associate Dean, Graduate Studies in Business