Evaluating the Internships

Performance Benchmarks & Evaluations of Internships

The following sections describe the lesson plan template, the performance benchmarks and expectations for each course or level, required assignments and experiences designed to enable interns to meet these objectives, and the means of evaluation to be used. All internships involve a team approach consisting of the intern, the cooperating teacher, and the university supervisor. When appropriate, the internship coordinator will also serve as part of the team.

At the school placement, the intern’s responsibility is to meet the performance benchmarks by actively engaging in the suggested and required activities and keeping in constant communication with both the university supervisor and the cooperating teacher regarding his/her performance. The cooperating teacher will provide the opportunities to practice the competencies. The cooperating teacher will discuss the intern’s progress with him/her and with the university supervisor and will provide written feedback as needed. The university supervisor will observe the intern teach lessons and provide formative feedback on the lesson observation forms and in post-observation conferencing. The cooperating teacher and the university supervisor will complete midterm and final evaluations on the intern.

The evaluation forms used in the practicum and in the final internship are based upon the Florida Preprofessional Accomplished Practices and the Competencies & Skills for Teacher Certification in Florida, Professional Education. These forms have been carefully designed to ensure that interns master the State of Florida expectations for all beginning teachers and to show growth over time. It is critical that all who use the forms spend time becoming familiar with them so they can be used appropriately to document intern growth. All university supervisors have clinical educator training or documented comparable experience. Each semester, university supervisors meet with the Internship Coordinator and Internship Administrator to validate consistent and appropriate use of the forms. Questions regarding the use of the forms should be directed to the Internship Coordinator.

Passing Practica & Final Internship

All internships (practicum and final internship) are graded pass/fail. The university supervisor assigns the grade based on the results of the summative evaluations completed by both the cooperating teacher and the university supervisor. Interns who are struggling to master specific competencies, and who consequently may be in danger of failing, will be provided a Professional Development Plan to assist them in developing the skills they need to succeed. It is the student’s responsibility to follow the Professional Development Plan.

Students who do not successfully meet the expectations of the practicum or internship or who are removed from an field placement may be referred to the Department of Education Professional Standards Committee who will determine whether a second placement will be granted. A failed field experience may be grounds for removal from the Education Program. Students will not be permitted to enroll in and begin practicum placement/ internship more than two times. Placement is at the discretion of the receiving school and district and will be terminated at school/district request if student performance warrants it.

Professional Liability Insurance

It is recommended that final interns secure professional liability insurance. This is available to members of several professional educational organizations such as the National Education Association (NEA) and the Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development (ASCD). Some homeowners policies may also provide riders for professional liability.