Internships for Paraprofessionals

Instructional Assistants and Paraprofessionals

If the school district is supportive and agrees, students who are employed as instructional assistants or paraprofessionals may have the opportunity to complete the practicum placement in the school of their employment (as long as they will be in a regular education classroom in their area of certification). Since instructional assistants and paraprofessionals are already immersed, on a daily basis, in a school setting, the required practicum hours (two half days per week or one whole day per week) may be somewhat different for these students. Any exceptions to the required practicum hours must be approved by the Internship Coordinator, or Center Faculty, and by the Education Department Chair. The final internship is a fulltime commitment.

If supported and approved in advance by the participating school district, paraprofessional students interested in completing a practicum placement in their school of employment must have documentation of their school district and principal’s support in completing the practicum requirements in their school. They may secure this documentation in one of two ways. Students may secure a letter from their principal that contains confirmation of the requirements below, or students may photocopy the information below and have the principal initial beside each line and sign.

Documentation of Support from Principal for Instructional Assistant/Paraprofessional

Name of Instructional Assistant: _______________________________
School: _______________________________

_____ The instructional assistant/paraprofessional will be able to spend the required practicum hours during the semester in a regular education classroom in the instructional assistant's area of certification.

The principal will provide a cooperating teacher who has successfully completed the Clinical Educator Training. Name of teacher _____________________________________

_____ The instructional assistant/paraprofessional has the principal’s permission to conduct Saint Leo field placement-related assignments during normal work hours.

_____ If the placement is for a Practicum for an English pre-service teacher (beginning in 2008), the instructional assistant/paraprofessional will have access to a classroom with ESOL students and mentoring by an ESOL-endorsed teacher.

Principal’s Signature: ____________________ Date: ________