Lesson Plan Format

Education course prefix, number, and instructor's name: _________________________________

Name _______________________________________ Date: _____________________

Lesson Title (Give your lesson a title)

SSS Standard, Benchmark, GLE: Give the SSS code and write out the strand, standard, and benchmark. Write the GLE and identify which grade level it is for.
Grade / group size: Grade and number of students for lesson
Lesson Objective(s): Write exactly what you expect the students to know and/ or be able to do in this lesson (the specific new skill learned, not the activity done)that matches directly with the assessment and relates to the benchmark/GLE, stated as an expected learning outcome of student performance.
Resources/Preparation, Materials: List what you need to organize in the room and collect before the lesson begins. List what you need and what you need to do to prepare the materials; describe them.
Vocabulary: List and define concepts necessary to know or to learn in this lesson; identify which may be a review and which will be new.
Procedure: OPENING
Gain attention, motivate; Relate to prior knowledge, experiences;Inform students of objective or focus; Give purpose. These elements maybe listed/ described in any order as appropriate

Method being used: Direct Instruction (Block 1, 2, 3, 4), Guided Discovery (Block 2, 3, 4), Cooperative Learning (Block 3, 4)

Number or bullet steps written in command form of what you and students will do to meet objective (s) and benchmark and/ or GLE(s). Include the concepts or principles, their examples, non-examples (if appropriate),and specific higher order questions, in a sequence appropriate to the method. Include practice and application of the knowledge, as appropriate to the method.

State how you will review content/ skills from this lesson, list specific questions, especially higher order questions.
Assessment: Describe and attach, if possible, what you are going to do to make sure your students have now gained the knowledge described in the objective (Copy of rubric, test, worksheet, oral assessment- how structured to get individual responses).
ESE, ELL, and Gifted:
Describe what will you do to assist your students who have learning, language,and/or behavioral differences in their learning the objective or completing the assessment, including extensions of the same objective for gifted or advanced learners.
Technology: Teacher, and if appropriate, Students: List and briefly describe the technology (software and/or hardware, internet site) you used to put this lesson together and /or attach a copy of the plan from the website you used.

List and briefly describe the technology (software and/or hardware, internet site) related directly to this objective that the students will use in this lesson if appropriate, or what they might use as an extension or at the classroom, library, or school computer center.
Lesson Evaluation: (answer the questions after teaching the lesson) Decisions about the plan: Why did you choose to teach what you did? Why did you choose to teach it the way you did? Which parts worked and which didn't? Why? How will you plan differently?

Evaluation of Student Response and Learning: How did the students respond to your lesson while you were teaching? Give specific examples. How did the accommodations you planned help your special needs learners? Based on the evidence during practice and on the assessment, how many students met the objectives appropriately? Analyze the specific results. What will you suggest and/or do for those who did not?

Self-analysis of Teaching Performance: What teaching behaviors/skills did you use successfully? What are the skills you want to improve upon based on feedback and/or your own analysis? How will you work on these?