Field Education FAQs

If you do not find the answer to your questions here or in the MSW Field Manual, please feel free to email the Director of MSW Field Education for the fastest response to your questions.

How do I apply for a field internship?

Once a student has been accepted to the Saint Leo University MSW Program and plans to enter their Field Internship, a MSW Field Application must be completed, signed, and submitted in the MSW Field Database. One copy of the Field Application will be submitted to the placement agency.

After completion of the field application, the MSW Field Faculty will contact the student to discuss placements.v

How are students placed in field?

Using the interests and preferences noted on the MSW Field Application, the Field Faculty will explore the quality learning opportunities available in your local vicinity. The Field Faculty strives to match the goals and interests of the student with the needs of and opportunities offered by community agencies. An interview will be set up so that the student and the agency supervisor can meet to determine if their needs are a good match. Placement in the field is the outcome of discussions between the Field Faculty, the agency, and each individual student with the goal of providing the student with a superior learning experience.

What are the field education requirements?

In the traditional two-year program and in the three-year program, the student will complete four (4) semesters of field internship education.

Each of the internships requires the student to participate in agency-based instruction for 16 normal daytime work hours a week for the duration of each of the four 16 week semesters. The particular semesters in which the field internship takes place vary according to the program in which the student is enrolled. Please refer to the MSW course sequence for the schedule of field internship courses.

Advanced standing students complete two (2) field internships. These internships require that the students participate in agency-based instruction for 16 normal daytime work hours a week in the spring semester and for 16 normal daytime work hours a week in the summer semester.

The MSW program understands that students have different constraints and responsibilities, however, it is expected that the student will participate in an agency during normal daytime work hours. Students who have full-time jobs need to plan for release time from their regular work to participate in field education.

All attempts will be made to arrange for the internship placement to be within an hour commute of the student’s location.

What if I have to work and/or fulfill family responsibilities?

As noted above, it is expected that students will fulfill their field internship hours during normal daytime work hours. Students who have full-time jobs need to plan for release time from their regular work to participation in field education.

Can I complete an internship at my place of employment?

It may be possible to complete one of your internships at your place of employment. Students opting to complete an internship at their place of employment must complete an Employment-Based Field Education Proposal which specifies how the internship duties, hours, and supervision will be different and distinct from your regular position at your place of employment. The goal of field education is to provide you with new and diverse learning experiences.

The Employment-Based Field Education Proposal form is available upon request from the Field Director.

What if I know of a specific agency where I think I would like to go?

Please note this information on your MSW Field Application. The Field Faculty will discuss the details with you and make contact with the agency in order to ensure that the agency will offer you a quality learning experience.

Is there a list of agencies that I can see?

The Field Office compiles a database of agencies offering quality learning opportunities in your local vicinity. As the list is continually being updated, the Field faculty utilizes the information you offer on your MSW Field Application to best match your learning goals and objectives with agencies in your area. The Field faculty will discuss various options with you in order to help you to make the best decision for your optimal learning experience.

Can I be paid for my internship?

Yes. You may accept payment for work done as an intern or as an employee if hired by the field agency.

Must my agency-based Field Supervisor be a degreed social worker?

Yes, only a degreed MSW social worker may serve as your Field Supervisor. MSW supervision requires that the Field Supervisor minimally have an MSW degree from a CSWE-accredited social work program and two years of post-MSW practice experience.

Must my agency-based Field Supervisor be a licensed social worker?

No, licensure is not a requirement for field supervision.

The agency in which I’m interested doesn’t have a social worker to supervise me. Can the University provide social work supervision for me?

Yes, you may have a Task Supervisor at the Field agency. Field Liaisons holding MSW degrees and residing in your local community are available to provide clinical supervision specific to social work educational criteria.