A Sport Business Degree Opens a Field of Dreams

Combining Your Passion for Sports with a Career in Business Management
Our culture is fanatical about sports and that passion translates into a huge industry. Plunkett Research, Ltd. estimates that the entire sports industry in the U.S. is worth $498 billion.

A degree focused on the business side of the sport industry offers vast career opportunities for those seeking employment in the field. An entire team works behind the scenes of any sport: athletic directors, agents, facility managers, event coordinators, sponsors, marketing professionals, the media, and more.

What could you do with a degree that combines your passion for sports with the exciting and fast-paced world of business management? To answer that question, you need to first do a little soul searching. Take the time to consider your interests and skills. Do you like to sell people on your favorite team? Can you give the play-by-play of the game better than you can actually play it? Do you want to help shape the sporting experience for spectators?

Think about how you answered the above questions and that can help you determine how you can use a Sport Business Degree to succeed in one of these careers:

Athletic Director
In collegiate sports, athletic directors run the show. As leaders of their schools’ athletic programs, ADs hire and manage the coaches, prepare budgets, and coordinate with coaches to schedule games and practices. The median salary for athletic directors is between $50,000 (high school) and $100,000 (college).

Sports Information Director
In a nutshell, the SID is a public relations guru with a sports focus. The sports information director acts as a spokesperson for an athletic program at a college, coordinating media coverage for events. They prepare press releases, manage stats and historical records, and prepare media guides on players and teams. The national median for sports information directors is $90,000.

Marketing Director
There is no game without the fans. The marketing director devises a comprehensive plan to entice people to spend money on tickets and team merchandise. The marketing director promotes a team’s or athlete’s brand using a variety of creative strategies - through a website, through giveaways, at stadium or ballpark shops, etc. Marketing directors typically make $40,000 to $80,000.

Sport Facility Manager
Football stadiums, baseball fields, race tracks, golf courses – these are the playgrounds of athletes, and they all require constant upkeep, considering the number of games and people they hold. Sports facilities managers make sure that the playing field and locker rooms are well maintained, secure, and ready for game day. The salary range for sports facilities managers is $25,000 to $125,000, depending on the type of facility.

Sport Event Manager
The Super Bowl. The Olympics. The World Cup. This and thousands of other sports events around the world need qualified people to plan, market, implement, and manage personnel, operations, and infrastructure. The salary range for sports facilities managers is $25,000 to $120,000, depending on the type of event.

According to the Nielsen ratings, the 2011 Super Bowl set a record as the most-watched program in U.S. television history. Since new stadiums spring up every year, and companies continue to pour more and more advertising dollars into sports, it is safe to say there will be continued growth in this already-popular field. A sport business degree offers a wide playing field for enthusiasts; the challenge is simply finding your niche.

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