UE-Related Curriculum Proposals

All proposals to the undergraduate curriculum committee that affect the University Explorations program in any way need to be reviewed by the University Explorations Advisory Council prior to being submitted to Curriculum Committee. A UE review checklist is available in the Intranet, under the curriculum proposal form. It should be submitted to the UE Advisory Board, along with the curriculum proposal, for review at the UE Advisory Board meeting preceding the Curriculum Committee deadline for submission. After review, the Council will communicate its comments to the faculty and Curriculum Committee, who will made the final determination on the proposal.

Click here to review the UE review checklist.

For more information, and to submit your proposal for UE review, please contact the Chair of the University Explorations Advisor Board.

At this point, the program is not accepting new courses. If you are considering modifying an existing UE course, or preparing a proposal that affects one of the UE courses, please keep the following in mind:

  • UE courses may be taken as general electives, but cannot be part of a program required courses or program electives
  • UE courses are thematic. They focus on one topic or issue, and are not survey courses.
  • Any change to a UE course will be applied to all modes of deliver (university campus, centers, online), and have to be suited for those.