International Transfer Students

International transfer students must meet these additional admission requirements:

  • Letter of Recommendation from Dean of Students: Must be completed by applicant's Dean of Students or equivalent at current institution. Download Transfer Recommendation Form.
  • Original or certified copies of examination results, diplomas and course syllabi. All international transcripts must be evaluated by an evaluation agency. Recommended sources for official transcripts and course evaluations are Josef Silny and Assoc., Inc. or World Education Services, Bowling Green Station, P.O. Box 5087, New York, NY 10274-5087. Phone: (212) 966-6311. Fax: (212) 739-6100.

Application, letters and transcripts can be sent to:

Office of Admissions, MC2008
PO Box 6665
Saint Leo, FL 33574
Fax: (352) 588-8257

International Credit Transfer

Saint Leo University recognizes all international diplomas and credits taken at accredited secondary and post-secondary institutions once all appropriate official documentation and credentials are received and translated (where necessary).

Credit is granted in accordance with the National Association of Foreign Student Advisors (NAFSA) and the American Association of Collegiate Registrars and Admissions Officers (AACRAO). Students presenting diplomas indicating academic work beyond the high school level may receive up to one year of University credit. The Registrar and the academic divisions will determine the exact number and nature of courses granted once course syllabi, catalogs and credential translations are complete.