Greek Life

Join a sorority or fraternity and discover what sisterhood and brotherhood truly mean.

Activities include leadership workshops, study groups, social programming, and volunteering and fundraising for charities. Saint Leo does not offer separate Greek housing, but you'll notice tons of Greek pride around campus—from our letter T-shirts worn to class, to our "Greek Row" of wooden benches creatively decorated by each organization.

There are currently seven sororities and five fraternities on campus, including national organizations, which are found on many campuses across the country, local chapters that are unique to Saint Leo, and historically African American fraternities and sororities.

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  1. Alpha Sigma Tau
  2. Gamma Upsilon
  3. Sigma Gamma Rho
  4. Sigma Lambda Gamma
  5. Sigma Sigma Sigma
  6. Theta Phi Alpha
  7. Lambda Pi Chi


  1. Alpha Phi Alpha
  2. Kappa Alpha Psi
  3. Sigma Lambda
  4. Tau Kappa Epsilon
  5. Kappa Sigma