BA Religion

Religion helps us better understand ourselves, our relationships and what motivates cultures around the world. As a Religion scholar, you'll develop a more holistic view of the human experience—a perspective that will inform your work whether serving the church, classroom, courtroom or a social service organization.

Why choose Religion at Saint Leo?

As Florida’s oldest Catholic college, Saint Leo has centuries-old roots in the Benedictine tradition. We welcome all curious thinkers, regardless of faith background. Holding students to high standards of ethics, and academic excellence, our Education Center faculty will guide you to a plan that best suits your individual goals, talents and needs—at any stage in your career.

While exploring the evolution of Christianity in the Middle East and the role of the Catholic Church in America, you’ll find relevance to contemporary culture and see the challenges posed by secularism, materialism and cyberculture.

Develop respect for the vast world of faith, including Christianity, Catholicism, Judaism, Islam and Buddhism. Learn how to serve through spiritual direction, ministry and evangelization. Connect your classroom learning with community service or an internship—Religion students find opportunities at local parishes, pre-hospital chaplaincy programs, youth ministry programs and Catholic charities.

Some amazing classes you can take

  • Foundations of Christian Faith
  • Women in the Church
  • The Second Vatican Council
  • Abraham's Tent: Christian and Jews in Dialogue
  • Cyberculture: New Challenges for Pastoral Ministry

What can you do with a degree in Religion?

Religion majors can pursue graduate study in theology and full-time ministry, or other careers connected with the church. Religious studies also provide a strong foundation for careers in law, business, teaching, psychology and social work. Find success in such positions as:

  • Director of Religious Education
  • Clergy
  • Conflict Resolution Specialist
  • High School Teacher
  • Hospital Chaplain
  • Lawyer
  • Mediator
  • Music Minister
  • Social Worker
  • Youth Counselor

Where are Saint Leo Religion grads now?

  • Providence College
  • Villanova University
  • University of South Florida
  • Saint Catherine of Sienna Catholic Church- Clearwater
  • Franciscan University