Appointments Enhance Saint Leo's Focus as a Teaching University

August 18, 2010

Appointments_EnhanceFront row, from left to right: Aaron Fehir, Dwight Raines, John Lax, Linda Tavernier-Almada, Rhondda Waddell, Janet Margaritondo, Audrey Shor, Jeffra Flaitz, Judy Holcomb. Back row, from left to right: Ryan Murphy, Yancy Edwards, Darin Bell, Holly Tompson, Diane Monahan, Daniel Tschopp, Melinda Carver, Cynthia Selph, Adam Shoemaker. Not pictured: James Cross in Chesapeake, VA; Alexandra Kanellis in Palatka, FL; Ethel Tobias in Ocala, FL.

Saint Leo University is beginning the 2010-11 academic year with 21 new faculty appointments reflecting a broad range of talents and academic disciplines. New teachers have been hired for positions at each of the university’s three schools, and at the Daniel A. Cannon Memorial Library. All have in common a key qualification. Saint Leo University seeks out academics who want to make teaching the focus of their careers. The new additions share that ambition, said Maribeth Durst, Ph.D., vice president of academic affairs. “I am excited because they are all eminently qualified, they are all student-centered, they are committed to our values, and they all––each and every one of them––appreciate the opportunity to teach for Saint Leo University,” she said.

Their names and teaching assignments are listed here, by school.

School of Arts and Sciences

Darin Bell, Ph.D., assistant professor of chemistry, teaching at University Campus.

James T. Cross, Ph.D., assistant professor of theology, teaching at Saint Leo’s office in Chesapeake, VA..

Aaron Fehir, Ph.D., assistant professor of philosophy, teaching at University Campus.

Cynthia S. Selph, M.M., instructor of music, overseeing the music ministry minor, teaching at University Campus.

Audrey C. Shor, Ph.D., assistant professor of biology, teaching at University Campus.

Linda Tavernier-Almada, Ph.D., assistant professor of liberal studies, teaching at University Campus.

School of Business

Yancy D. Edwards, Ph.D., associate professor of marketing, teaching at University Campus.

Judy L. Holcomb, M.S., instructor of international hospitality and tourism management, teaching at University Campus.

John R. Lax, M.B.A, M.S., instructor of marketing, teaching at University Campus.

Diane M. Monahan, Ph.D., assistant professor of communications management, teaching at University Campus.

P. Ryan Murphy, Ph.D., assistant professor of economics, teaching at University Campus.

J. Adam Shoemaker, Ph.D., assistant professor of human resource management, teaching at University Campus.

Holly B. Tompson, Ph.D., assistant professor of management, teaching at University Campus.

Daniel J. Tschopp, Ph.D., associate professor of accounting, teaching at University Campus.

School of Education and Social Services

Melinda B. Carver, Ph.D., assistant professor of education, concentrating on teaching reading instruction, at University Campus and other Saint Leo teaching locations in Florida.

Jeffra Flaitz, Ph.D., associate professor of education. Her specialty is teaching future educators how to teach English to students who speak other languages, and she is at University Campus.

Alexandra M. Kanellis, Ph.D., assistant professor of education, based in Palatka, FL, for the university’s continuing education center serving Northeast Florida.

H. Dwight Raines, Ed.D., assistant professor of education, specializing in educational leadership instruction for master’s degree candidates, based at University Campus.

Ethel F. Tobias, M. Ed., instructor of education, based at the university’s center in Ocala, FL.

Rhondda Waddell, Ph.D., professor of social work, teaching at University Campus.

Daniel A. Cannon Memorial Library

Janet E. Margaritondo, M.A., assistant professor and instructional librarian at University Campus.