International Comparative Criminal Justice Course Travels to Europe

July 14, 2014

In May, Dr. Jalika Waugh and Dr. Moneque Walker-Pickett offered a special topics course in comparative criminal justice and law with a travel element. It was open to students at both the undergraduate and graduate level.

The course was designed to foster critical thinking about the American criminal justice system, especially in relation to the British system that underlies much of American jurisprudence. Law enforcement systems in the United Kingdom, Belgium, and the Netherlands were also studied.

They had the opportunity to dine with a retired Scotland Yard detective and they participated in a “Jack the Ripper” evidentiary tour through London. Discussions and lessons also brought broad social, historical, and political trends into view. Participants also visited the British Houses of Parliament and other key locations in London’s city government as well as other monuments and institutions such as the British Library.

In the Netherlands, participants visited the International Criminal Court and the Peace Palace at The Hague and Anne Frank House in Amsterdam. They also visited the European Commission headquarters and the Atomium monument in Brussels, Belgium.