New Faculty Appointments This Fall at University Campus and Education Centers

August 17, 2016

Saint Leo University is pleased to announce the promotion of a professor to a deanship, and the appointments of 12 new faculty members to teaching positions at the university’s three schools. Saint Leo University is comprised of the School of Arts and Sciences, the School of Education and Social Services, and the Donald R. Tapia School of Business.

Dr. Susan Kinsella, MSW, who has most recently been teaching in the Savannah (GA) Education Center as professor of human services, is now the dean of the School of Education and Social Services. Dr. Kinsella succeeds as Dr. Carol Walker, who has recently assumed the post of assistant vice president in the Academic Affairs division.

Dr. Kinsella’s academic degrees and early practitioner experience are in the field of social work. In recent years, she has developed the university’s programs in human services at the undergraduate and graduate level, earned the field’s leading certification, and written the textHuman Services: A Student Centered Approach. That background gives her direct experience with two of the four disciplines at the school now under her leadership—the other two areas are education and criminal justice. Undergraduate and graduate program are offered in all four disciplines.

In faculty appointments, the university added to its teaching ranks in a number of disciplines in anticipation of the start of Fall Semester, which begins the week of August 22. The new faculty members are as follows, by their home school.

School of Arts and Sciences

Dr. Sergiy Borysov, assistant professor of biology at University Campus

Dr. Daniel DuBois, assistant professor of history at University Campus

Dr. Brian Kyte, assistant professor of chemistry and physical sciences at University Campus

School of Education and Social Services 

Ms. Charlotte Braziel, instructor of criminalistics and criminal justice at University Campus

Dr. Michael Campbell, associate professor of social work at University Campus

Dr. Carla Coates-Miller, associate professor of criminal justice in Chesapeake, VA

Ms. Sha’Leda Mirra, instructor of social work at the Gainesville (FL) Education Center

Dr. Renee Sedlack, assistant professor of educational leadership at University Campus

Donald R. Tapia School of Business

Ms. Yiling Deng, instructor of risk management and insurance at University Campus

Dr. Tasia Hilton, assistant professor of healthcare management at the Savannah (GA) Education Center

Mr. Sangjin Hong, instructor of information security at University Campus

Dr. Zachary Smith, assistant professor of economics and finance in Chesapeake, VA    


From left to right: Y. Deng, S. Hong, B. Kyte, S. Borysov, D. DuBois, M. Campbell, R. Sedlack.


From left to right: Z. Smith, C. Braziel, T. Hilton. Not pictured: C . Coates-Miller and S. Mirra.