New Online: Liberal Studies Degree

January 06, 2010

New_Online_Liberal_Studies Students enrolled at Saint Leo University through the Center for Online Learning may now opt to earn a new undergraduate degree, the Bachelor of Arts in Liberal Studies.

Rather than concentrating their upper-level courses in one academic discipline, such as English or biology, BLS students continue along a more multidisciplinary path. The 36 credit hours required include courses in critical thinking, literature, humanities, environmental studies, mathematics, business and government, anthropology , bioethics, and religious meaning.

The rigorous coursework is intended to help students deepen their problem-solving and critical thinking skills, and expand their capacity for creativity and principled leadership. The degree is a logical progression for adults students who already have the Associate of Arts degree. The Bachelor of Arts in Liberal Studies can prepare one for a variety of careers, such as politics, business, or government, or for further academic studies in law and other fields.

COL students should speak to their academic advisors for more information.