New Saint Leo Survey Tracks Voters in Clinton-Trump Presidential Race

September 22, 2016

The Saint Leo University Polling Institute ( found in its most recent poll that Democrat candidate Hillary Clinton has a smaller lead than a month ago over Republican rival Donald Trump, making for a dramatic presidential campaign. As always, the polling institute is providing meaningful insights into the minds of the public across the United States, and in the politically important state of Florida. In surveying likely voters in mid-September, the institute asked individuals whom they would support in the election, and if they were still undecided, whom they were likely to support.   

Hillary FB

The results show Clinton had a base of 46.2 percent (including 42 percent of decided voters) nationally, compared to Trump’s position of 41 percent (including 36.5 percent of decided voters).

“This is a 9-point swing away from Clinton from our August poll findings,” said Frank Orlando, director of the Saint Leo University Polling Institute and a political scientist on the university faculty.

In Florida, Clinton had a support base of 49.4 percent (included 44.6 percent of decided voters) and Trump had 43.6 percent (including 39.6 percent of decided voters).

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“This is probably a much closer race than the Clinton campaign thought they would be in at this point. The eyes of the nation will be on the presidential debate on Monday,” Orlando continued. 

The wide-ranging survey also found:

  • More than half of Americans would like to see the Libertarian Gary Johnson and Green Party nominee Jill Stein in debates.
  • Americans are somewhat skittish about accommodating new refugees, as the Obama administration has recently called for.
  • Attitudes about police do vary by racial group, though Americans overall rate their local law enforcement positively.
  • Reactions are divided about athletes protesting during the National Anthem during sporting events by sitting or kneeling.

Results are posted on the institute website, and releases from the survey will continue. Readers can keep up on Twitter @saintleopolls.