Postcard from Italy

December 06, 2010

Postcard From ItalyThe teaching team of Elisabeth Aiken, English instructor, and Karen Bryant, fine arts instructor, guided these Saint Leo University students through Florence and Rome on a Thanksgiving study tour. The students were introduced directly to the visual arts and cultural settings they have been studying in an intensive three-credit course, International Influences in Arts and Humanities in the Western World (IDS 340). Stops naturally included Rome’s famous Trevi Fountain and the first permanent amphitheater of the city, the Colosseum, built around the year 75 A.D. (both pictured above). This highly successful undergraduate course has become a showpiece of Saint Leo’s innovative teaching style by offering students an accessible, lower-cost way to study art and literature abroad for a brief period. The venues for the interdisciplinary course rotate among three destinations: Italy, Paris, and multiple cities in the United Kingdom. Interested students should contact their advisors to see what years the course is offered and which destination is planned at what time. Alumni are also invited to come along on the tours.