Saint Leo Readies for New Enrollments of Military Veterans

June 01, 2009

Saint Leo Readies for New Enrollments of Military Veterans Saint Leo University’s administrators are eager to assist veterans ready to enroll in college when the new Post-9/11 GI Bill® comes into effect August 1.

SLU has long been one of the nation’s leading providers of higher education opportunities to military service members, and will reinforce that commitment with the new enrollments expected because of the new GI Bill®. The legislation was passed by Congress last year to improve the educational assistance the country provides to veterans and service members. The bill improves the allowance for tuition and provides a book stipend in addition to providing a housing allowance for many recipients. The tuition benefits can also be applied to online courses. In some cases, service members may be able to transfer tuition benefits to a family member.

“It’s great for the military and it’s great for our country,' Saint Leo University President Dr. Arthur F. Kirk Jr., said in a recent interview with Spirit, the university magazine.

Because of the bill, SLU expects new enrollments at its main campus in central Florida, as well as at its continuing education centers and teaching locations at or near military bases in seven states.

rotcMilitary tuition rates at Saint Leo are set on a state-by-state basis, but in all SLU locations students covered by the new GI Bill® will find the basic benefits, or the basic benefits plus special university and federal aid, will cover their educational costs.

The basic benefits of the bill are sufficient to meet SLU’s military tuition rates in Virginia, South Carolina, Mississippi, Texas, California, and at Florida teaching locations beyond the main campus, and through the Center for Online Learning.

For the benefit of new GI Bill® students who will attend the main campus, or who enroll at teaching locations in Georgia, Saint Leo University is joining the Veterans Administration’s new “Yellow Ribbon' program for certain colleges and universities. These institutions, or at least some of their teaching locations, have higher tuition fees than provided for by the new legislation. But the “Yellow Ribbon' institutions are partnering with the VA to provide enough added student financial assistance to bridge the gap. That way, these military students and veterans will still be able to attend the private or public institutions of their choosing and attain the degrees they desire.

Prospective students with questions on the new GI Bill® can visit a special Veterans Administration Web site for the most comprehensive information available, at

Saint Leo has staff members covering each teaching location who are able to help with questions about applying for the new GI Bill® at SLU. Call 1-800-707-8846 for information.