Saint Leo Student Enrollment Now Tops 15,000

January 29, 2010

Enrollment_Tops_15000Saint Leo University has reached a new growth milestone, enrolling more than 15,000 students in the current semester.

The final enrollment count for Spring Semester shows that 15,041 individuals are studying at Saint Leo, either on a full-time or part-time basis. The student body extends well beyond the population at the main campus. The total includes a diverse population of students enrolled at Saint Leo’s teaching locations at community colleges and on military bases in seven states, as well as students enrolled through the university’s Center for Online Learning.

Saint Leo has been increasing student enrollments––while keeping class sizes small––for more than 10 years as it fulfills the broader mission of being a leading Catholic teaching university of international consequence. A decade ago, SLU had a total spring enrollment of 9,097.

University President Arthur F. Kirk, Jr., explained why this recent success is exciting for all involved in the life of the university. “Fifteen thousand students is an extraordinary milestone for Saint Leo University. Students young and older, civilian and military, graduate and undergraduate, on campus, off campus or online are all seeking a Saint Leo University degree because our faculty and staff fulfill the promise of a student-centered university and deliver exceptional academic programs for life and leadership in this challenging world,” President Kirk said. “We are proud of our growth but prouder that it affirms the excellence of our teaching, curricula and student services.”

The statistics in the enrollment report also show:

  • The population of undergraduate students enrolled in weekday courses at the main campus is 1,615. Four apartment-style residence halls, a Student Community Center, and Student Activities Building have been constructed over the last several years for these young-adult students.
  • Saint Leo is helping the growing percentage of people nationally who want to study online. This semester, 21 percent of the total spring student population, or 3,187 students, enrolled through the Center of Online Learning, which was established in 1998.
  • People also come to Saint Leo for graduate degree programs that will help them in their careers––graduate programs that have been added over the last several years. The Master of Business Administration Degree program is a prime example, with 1,530 students enrolled, accounting for 10 percent of total enrollment. Saint Leo also offers master’s level programs in education, instructional design, criminal justice, critical incident management, social work, and theology. In addition, the university also offers the specialist in education degree (Ed.S.), a degree above the master’s level.

Photo from the Student Community Center dining hall on the main campus.