Semester Break Guide

Parents never stop being parents. You don't just turn off your "worry button." However, it helps to recognize your student's growing independence when they come home for semester vacations.

At the beginning of a winter or summer break, conversations may include living habits, money, expenses, and relationships with siblings. When you approach your student as an adult, they are much more receptive.

Here are some tips to keep in mind.

Don't Be Offended If Your Student is Homesick for School

When your student is at Saint Leo with new friends and connections, it starts to feel like home. They may even start calling Saint Leo "home." Remember, this is what you hoped for—it means your student has made the right college choice.

Keep Expectations Realistic

Your student may have matured during their time at Saint Leo; however, don't be surprised if they still act like the kid you know and love, who you sent off to school.

Revisit House Rules

Communicate expectations. Curfew may no longer be appropriate, but a phone call if your student will be out late may be reasonable.

Acknowledge Changes in Your Student

Maybe your child left as the high school science wiz, but has discovered art in college. Accept their new interests. Let them share their excitement with you. Change is good.