Educational & Learning Goals

Educational and Learning Goals 

  1. We expect students to demonstrate intellectual growth:
    • Think critically and independently
    • Make informed decisions
    • Commit to life-long learning
    • Engage in problem-solving
    • Exercise reasoned judgment
    • Develop quantitative skills
    • Learn experientially
    • Understand how living things and physical systems operate
    • Prepare for graduate study
  2. We expect students to demonstrate effective communication skills:
    • Speak thoughtfully and respectfully
    • Listen carefully
    • Read critically
    • Write clearly
    • Present information well
  3. We expect students to demonstrate deepened spiritual values:
    • Understand Catholic and Benedictine values and traditions
    • Commit to act in concert with one's values
    • Respect differences in belief systems and values
    • Show compassion and empathy
    • Understand the relationships among humans, living things, the universe and God
    • Balance one's life
  4. We expect students to respond aesthetically:
    • Appreciate the beauty and balance in nature
    • Develop creativity
    • Demonstrate sensitivity
    • Visualize creative potential
  5. We expect students to prepare for an occupation:
    • Strive for excellence
    • Develop an international perspective
    • Become competent in: managing people/tasks, responding to change, planning innovation, collaborating, applying technology, acting fiscally responsible
  6. We expect students to demonstrate social responsibility:
    • Act with integrity
    • Exercise personal responsibility
    • Respect all living things
    • Work for diversity both locally and globally
    • Build community
    • Commit to resource stewardship
  7. We expect students to demonstrate personal growth and development:
    • Develop self-understanding
    • Learn to manage self
    • Deal with ambiguity
    • Exercise flexibility
    • Strengthen confidence and self-esteem
    • Learn persistence
    • Care for self and physical and spiritual well-being
    • Develop leadership
    • Foster a work ethic
  8. We expect students to demonstrate effective interpersonal skills:
    • Value successful relationships
    • Participate effectively in group work
    • Cooperate
    • Engage in philanthropy
    • Volunteer