Testing Center

Testing Procedures for Professors

Students are responsible for contacting their professor one week prior to the scheduled exam to request a copy of the exam be submitted to the OAS.

Professors must submit the exam to the Office of Accessibility Services before the scheduled exam time. There are two ways professors can submit an exam:

  1. Email the exam to ds-proctoring@saintleo.edu along with a completed Testing Center Checklist.
  2. Drop the exam off to Room 207 in the Student Activities Building in a Testing Center Envelope (envelope label must be filled out).

Testing Checklist

Instructors should always include a Testing Checklist with each exam to inform the OAS of any special instructions (i.e. may use class notes) for the exam and to clarify delivery preference. If the test is being dropped off to the OAS office, professors may use either the Testing Checklist or the Testing Envelope.

If a Testing Checklist or Testing Envelope is not included with the exam and specific directions are not given on the exam, the student may be allowed to use aids at their own discretion. When this situation occurs, the exam will be returned with a note attached indicating which testing aids were permitted.

Student Rules & Responsibilities for Testing

Please note that students who do not sign up for their test at least 48 hours in advance will not be able to test in the Testing Center.