Inside Personal Branding

If asked, could you persuasively present your value in one brilliant sentence?

  1. Know Yourself: If your roommate isn’t getting the job done as a career counselor, contact the Career Planning team and let the professionals work on you.
  2. Know Your Market: In our office, competence and passion without a paycheck is called a hobby. Come in to Career Planning to learn how to research realistic opportunities.
  3. Study Competitors: The only time some healthy spying is acceptable. Career Planning can help identify the keywords, movements, and trends within your field to inform your brand positioning.
  4. Be opportunistic: If Mark Zuckerberg hadn’t done it, we’d all still be using MySpace. You can compete on the basis of your expertise in a crowded market or you can create your own unique niche. Let Career Planning point out the strengths of either approach.
  5. Position yourself as an expert: Hitting the “like” button on Facebook isn’t enough. It’s about getting actively engaged with problem solving in your field. Consult with Career Planning on ways you can become an expert today.
  6. Consistently do steps 1-5: Brands have a short shelf-life. They need to be refreshed continuously in order to stay current. Remember Aristotle’s counsel: excellence is not an act, but a habit.