Pre-Law Program

Dear Prospective Law Student:

Welcome to the Saint Leo University Pre-Law Advising Program. I am the SLU faculty advisor regarding all pre-law matters. I will do everything I can to provide you with access to current information regarding the law school admission process, legal careers, and enrichment through on and off campus legal speakers and contacts. Our SLU Pre-Law Program is partnered with the SLU Career Center to take advantage of the strengths of both programs. Please take advantage of our presence on campus to obtain answers to your questions or conduct research. The Director of the Career Center is most willing to be of service to you.

Although we do not have a "pre-law major" per se, you will find this is not a disadvantage in applying to law school. The admissions committees of law schools seek student applicants versed in the liberal arts, business, and the sciences. The so-called "pre-law track" is nothing more than a compilation of the same courses we offer in numerous majors here at Saint Leo University.

Here is some information to aid your research into law school matters:

SAINT LEO UNIVERSITY CAREER CENTER: Since you are already here in the Career Center web site, look around! The staff has put many helpful articles and links in this site. The information regarding admission to graduate schools will be equally pertinent to law schools.

Catalogs: If you are planning to attend law school but are not sure where, or even undecided about attending, perusing law school catalogs can be quite helpful. Many law school catalogs are available for review in the Career Center. Take advantage of this opportunity. In addition, all law schools have detailed web sites describing the law school, its parent university, and the surrounding community.

Pre-Law Web Sites: There are multiple internet sites that provide significant general information regarding courses of study, preparing for law school, and the law school application process. Here is one of the best I have found:

  • Law School Admission Council: Provides a great deal of general information regarding the law school application process; also provides publications to prospective law students and pre-law advisors regarding competitive scores and grades for admission.

LSAT Prep Courses: Preparation is the key to success on the LSAT. There are many ways to prepare: Relying on luck; self-study; or taking a specialized course. Results have shown that taking a prep course is by far the best way to give yourself the best shot at obtaining a competitive score on the LSAT. We are in frequent touch with representatives of two of the leading courses in this area: Blackstone and Kaplan. Both visit on campus each semester, and have representatives easily accessible:

Blackstone: (800) 881-LSAT (Tampa Bay & Orlando only)

Kaplan: (813) 899-2395

Although you will have your department major faculty advisor to guide your course selection, I hope that you will feel free to use the resources of the SLU Pre-Law Advisor and the Career Center! Please feel free to contact me at any time.


Joe Little, J.D.
Pre-Law Advisor
(352) 588-8580