Supplemental Instruction

Supplemental Instruction, or SI, is a series of FREE weekly review sessions led by trained undergraduate students that have completed the course successfully and are pursuing majors or minors in the course discipline. SI provides after-class study sessions for select challenging courses to help students better understand course material. If you are in a course that offers SI, you will find out more information from your instructor.

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SI leaders attend each class and during the study sessions actively involve students in discussing and understanding course concepts as well as demonstrating effective study strategies. The majority of students who regularly attend SI sessions succeed in improving their test scores and final course grades. Attending SI can help you better understand course material, however it is not a substitute for attending class.

Program Goals

Faculty collaboration has resulted in the success and support of the SI program, which serves campus enrolled students each academic year. Our assessments demonstrate that students who regularly attend SI earn better grades and withdraw less often than non–participants.  SI is designed to:

  • Improve the academic performance of participating students.
  • Increase the persistence rate of students towards subsequent semesters and graduation.
  • Improve students' analytical thinking and problem solving skills.
  • Promote an active learning environment.

What are the benefits of attending SI sessions?

  • A better understanding of the course content
  • An opportunity to learn from other students in the course
  • The opportunity to improve your course grade

Program Outcomes

The positive impact of SI is documented through analyses conducted each semester and annually. These outcome reports show the effect of SI on grades between SI and non-SI participants. The analyses also show the average overall GPA increase between SI and non-SI participants.


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