For Students

Want to sharpen your study skills and improve your understanding of difficult course material? Research shows that 1 hour of SI is more effective than 2 hours studying by yourself. Additionally, students who consistently participate in SI sessions receive, on average, one-half to a whole letter grade higher than students enrolled in the same course who do not attend SI sessions – you can’t afford NOT to come!


SI is a voluntary and free academic assistance program that uses peer-led study groups to help students in traditionally difficult courses. 


By attending SI sessions on a regular basis, chances are you will:

  • Earn a better grade
  • Better understand course material
  • Teach and learn from your classmates
  • Develop effective study skills that can be applied to other classes

How SI Works:

Most of SI Leaders are junior and senior students who have successfully completed the courses they are assigned to. They attend every class meeting and plan and implement sessions based on the most recent course material. They possess and demonstrate effective study skills and help students maximize their potential for their academic success. 

Leaders sit in designated classes with students for the full semester and take lecture notes. SI Leaders facilitate a series of weekly review sessions covering the course content, exam review and preparation as well as assisting students in developing effective study strategies. These group sessions are free and open to all students at all levels of academic achievement who are part of SI-supported courses.