We are a primary resource for organizations in search of exceptional applied social science research services. Based on the Saint Leo core values of excellence, respect, and integrity, our work serves to enhance social justice at home and abroad.


The Saint Leo Applied Social Science Research Institute draws collaboratively on an interdisciplinary team of experts at Saint Leo University to achieve the following:

  • Supply applied social science research services, such as program evaluation or environmental scans, to non-profit, public, and private organizations
  • Provide support to organizations as they address real-world problems, through services such as evaluation planning, literature reviews, or data analysis
  • Assist organizations with improving their efficiency, outreach, or results
  • Promote the production and diffusion of high-quality applied social science research, in accordance with Saint Leo's core value of Excellence


  1. The provision of comprehensive applied social science research services to the community
  2. The development of resources for applied social science research
  3. The promotion and recognition of quality applied social science research
  4. The encouragement of collaboration among interdisciplinary partners
  5. The promotion of academic and personal growth for Saint Leo faculty and students through presentations, publications, and other professional contributions


Contact Us: ari@saintleo.edu


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