Student Veteran Transition Course

Dear Veteran,

Thank you for your service and welcome to the Saint Leo University Student Veteran Transition Resource Course. This course is designed to be more informational in nature than the typical academic required courses. We understand that transitioning from active duty can be a challenging endeavor, therefore we have created this course in partnership with Corporate Gray to provide you with an abundance of resources to help ease, or hopefully remove the burden as you pursue your college degree. While enrollment in this course requires your Saint Leo University student number, the resources contained within the course and accompanying textbook (aka resource kit) can be beneficial to your family members as well. In the end, if your family members are provided the same resource, it will directly have a positive impact on you, the student veteran and that is our intent. Contact your specific center staff to receive your textbook (resource kit). If they are out of stock, they will be resupplied within 48-72 hours from the Office of Veteran Student Services.

It is important for you to realize that this course is designed to make your life easier rather than more burdensome. It is an 8 week (module) course that can be started, paused, or stopped, and continued at a later date. We want this course to be an encouragement rather than a discouragement to you and your family.

Good luck, and if we can be of any more support to you for this course or any veteran related matter, please contact us at:

Saint Leo University
Veteran Student Services
(352) 588-8234

Please select current Saint Leo Student or Non-Saint Leo Student form and provide the requested information and you will be registered in the course.

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