Faculty Resources at your Library

On- and off-campus faculty services and resources available from Reference Department:

  • Do you need a listing of journals in your field which the library subscribes to? Do you need a journal article or book delivered to your office? Are you currently conducting a literature review in a specific area? Let the reference department assist you with all your research needs.
  • Inter-library Loan (for materials not owned by the library)
  • Document Delivery, off campus. (materials which are owned by the library
  • Call us at 352-588-8328

On- and off-campus faculty services and resources available from Technical Services:

CHOICE Reviews are recent reviews of recent books that have been reviewed and recommended in specific academic areas. Its a good way to see what is being published in your area.

If you would like to help us select materials for the library's collection, please contact Technical Services at x8475.
On- and off-campus faculty services and resources available from Media Services Department:

  • Equipment Delivery.
  • Posters made from any 81/2X11 sheet of printed paper.
  • Laminating.
  • Off-Air taping.
  • Campus TV - Channel 96 - on campus advertising; Channel 97 - instructional use.
  • Classroom videorecording.
  • Technical assistance with digital cameras, scanners, LCD projectors, etc.
  • Training in the use of digital cameras, scanners, projector for faculty members.
  • Training in the use of Power Point, QuickTime, Dreamweaver, and FrontPage (call the Systems Librarian, 352-588- 8485).
  • Classroom presentations on how to use a digital camera how to make an effective presentation, and beginning/intermediate Power Point (contact Media Coordinator or Systems Librarian).
  • Individual assistance for faculty available for making webpages (contact Systems Librarian) or incorporating technology in your class.
  • Media Services will also attempt to locate non-print materials not currently owned by the library for use in your classroom.

If you are an off-campus faculty member, we can ship DVDs, audio CDs, audio tapes, and VHS tapes to you at your home or office; we can also recommend who to contact for presentation equipment at your center. Conference calling may be scheduled for training and individual assistance on software and hardware issues.