Who Is the Author

Anyone can put up a webpage.
Any person can be giving an opinion, which is not a statement of facts. Ideology, or someone's beliefs, can be a driving factor in putting up a webpage. If one’s ideas are out of the mainstream of society, the internet has become a good place to air these opinions.

Look for the author’s name, for whom they work, and what makes them knowledgeable about the subject.

What makes the author credible? What are the qualifications of the author? Sometimes the author may be qualified in a different area of expertise than the one he/she is writing about – check that the “expert' has training or education in that subject area.

  • Is the author the creator of the information?
  • Can the author be reached for questions or comments?
  • Does the author list more than an email as a point of contact?

Author/Advertiser Bias
Are there political or ideological biases? The Internet has become a prime marketing and advertising tool.

What motivation does the author have for placing this information on the web? Frequently the answer is that the information is placed to advertise a product or support a particular point of view.