eLion Grading Procedures

If you have done this before, go directly to #3 and #4:


All of our online faculty have email addresses through the saintleo email server. You will need access to this account to retrieve your eLion login and password. For security reasons, this is the only email address that the system will use to send official Saint Leo University communications, including eLion information. As a COL faculty member, you will need to visit this email account frequently to check for emails from COL and SLU administration. You may access your SLU email account through the same portal you use to access your courses. As a back-up, you can use to: mail.saintleo.edu (no www first). Your login is your first name.last name, (there is a period in between) and your password is your first initial, last initial and the last four digits of your social security number (all in lower case, no spaces or punctuation). You will now have access to your Saint Leo University email account.


Go to: elion.saintleo.edu and click on Forgot Your Login ID/Password? This will bring you to a screen that requires you to enter data about yourself. It was recommended that you enter only the fields with the red asterisk and your social security number. If your request is processed, you will have an email with your eLion login and password in your .edu email account in less than a minute. Please read the following message from our OIT department: If you decide to change your eLion password, then you must remember the password- OIT will not know the new password and if it is forgotten, we will have to reset the password to the original assigned and then the faculty may change the password upon login once again.

3.EVERYONE (Once you have an eLion password and login):

  • Please go to: elion.saintleo.edu.
  • Go to the Faculty Menu.

You can check your Class roster from this area, which is a proactive way to determine if the students online match the students in Datatel.

Please send us an email with your class, section and the students that are in discrepancy, if you find any differences between the eLion roster and your online class roster.

4.ENTERING FINAL GRADES: (just some notes for the end of the semester)

  • Go to: elion.saintleo.edu, and please read: Grading Instructions.
  • You do need to be aware that they set the timeout for 10 minutes, which is plenty of time if you sit down with your grades calculated and ready to enter. This was done for security reasons.