QEP in Action

Our Quality Enhancement Plan in Action: Progress to Date and Aspirations for the Future

This is intended to provide information about the university's Quality Enhancement Plan developed as part of our SACS reaffirmation and the work that must be accomplished to achieve its successful implementation.

Why the QEP?

As a part of the reaffirmation process, the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges (SACS) asks all member institutions to implement a Quality Enhancement Plan (QEP) beyond the completion of the formal reaffirmation process. The purpose of the QEP is to enhance the quality and effectiveness of educational programs through a university-wide focus on a selected topic that will improve student learning.

A little history about how we determined the subject of our QEP

Because a majority of Saint Leo University students enroll in their degree programs through the Division of Continuing Education, the QEP team first held a series of group discussions with education center faculty, staff, and students. It was during the Virginia Region discussions that the importance of critical thinking, core values, and their relationship to good decision-making surfaced as a primary theme. At University Campus, the QEP team began to explore the key connection between the promise made in the university's mission statement (to provide "a practical model of life and leadership for a challenging world") and the benefits of using critical thinking combined with the university's core values to inform good decision making. That simple equation eventually became our quality enhancement plan--to create a learning model that will prepare our graduates better than any others for this increasingly challenging world.

What to look for in the future

For the next five years, the university has earmarked more than $1 million to ensure the success of A Model for a Challenging World. A series of initiatives are underway: A QEP director, an administrator, and an advisory council are in place; a faculty fellows program is up and running; and a review of the university's general education curriculum is now underway. In addition, workshops, seminars, and webinars continue to provide opportunities for the academic community to explore QEP topics and issues. Finally, we have created a web site and a blog to help communicate and inform our university community.

Periodically during the coming months, you will receive updates about our progress toward implementing A Model for a Challenging World. In the meantime, please feel free to share your comments, suggestions, or questions with:

Dr. Trish Parrish, Director

(352) 588-8417


To learn more about the QEP, please visit qep.saintleo.edu.