Title First Name Last Name Position Department
Dr. Jeffrey Anderson Associate Vice President Assessment and Institutional Research
Ms. Debbie Brown Associate Vice President General Counsel
Ms. Jessica Cannon Student Student Government Union
Dr. Beth Carter Associate Vice President Continuing Education and Student Services
Dr. Ed Dadez Vice President Continuing Education and Student Services
Dr. Maribeth Durst Vice President Academic Affairs
Dr. Williams Ellis Faculty School of Arts & Sciences
Mr. Bill Griffin Alumni Representative Alumnus
Ms. Karen Hatfield Registrar Registrar
Dr. Art Kirk President President's Office
Mr. Les Lloyd Associate Vice President University Technology Services
Ms. Kathryn McFarland Vice President Admission
Mr. Frank Mezzanini Vice President Business Affairs
Dr. Ryan Murphy Faculty School of Business
Dr. Michael Nastanski Dean School of Business
Dr. Brian O'Connell Faculty School of Education & Social Services/ Madison Ctr.
Mr. David Ostrander Vice President University Advancement
Dr. David Persky Assistant to the President Assistant to the President's Office
Mr. Kenneth Posner Associate Vice President Student Services
Mr. Fran Reidy Director Athletics
Dr. Candace Roberts Faculty School of Education
Dr. Eric Schwarz Faculty Sport Business & International Tourism
Dr. Mary Spoto Dean School of Arts & Sciences
Dr. Carol Walker Dean School of Education and Social Sciences
Ms. Toni Winn Staff School of Education & Social Services