EXCELSIOR Exams (formerly Regents) Transferrability Table

Credit accepted with a C grade or higher
REG-459 Abnormal Psychology PSY-327 Human Behavior Perspective
REG-554 Adult Nursing ELE-3XX  
REG-460 American Dream Pt I HTY-3XX, HUM-3XX Global Perspective, Aesthetic Perspective
REG-506 Anatomy & Physiology BIO-225, BIO-226 Scientific – Life
REG-410 College Writing ENG-121 Writing
REG-545 Cultural Diversity SSC-322 Human Behavior Perspective
REG-434 English Composition ENG-121, ENG-1XX Writing
REG-484 Ethics: Theory & Practice PHI-224 Religion Perspective
REG-407 Foundations of Gerontology SSC-1XX Human Behavior Perspective
REG-403 Foundations of Nursing ELE-1XX  
REG-425 Health Restoration Area ELE-3XX  
REG-477 Health Restoration Area II ELE-3XX  
REG-541 Health Support: Comm Hlt Nurs ELE-1XX  
REG-540 Health Support:Promo & Protect ELE-1XX  
REG-432 History of Nazi Germany HTY-3XX Global Perspective
REG-486 Human Resource Management MGT-331  
REG-538 Labor Relations MGT-441  
REG-411 Juvenile Delinquency CRM-370  
REG-583 Lifespan Developmental Psych PSY-325 Human Behavior - Psychology
REG-565 Literacy Instruction Elem Ed EDU-3XX  
REG-536 Management in Nursing ELE-1XX  
REG-453 Maternal/Child Nursing AA ELE-1XX  
REG-457 Maternal/Child Nursing BA ELE-3XX  
REG-559 Maternity Nursing ELE-1XX  
REG-558 Microbiology BIO-425 Scientific Perspective - Life
REG-461 Nursing Concepts 1 ELE-1XX  
REG-462 Nursing Concepts 2 ELE-1XX  
REG-463 Nursing Concepts 3 ELE-1XX  
REG-464 Nursing Concepts 4 ELE-1XX  
REG-465 Nursing Concepts 5 ELE-1XX  
REG-466 Nursing Concepts 6 ELE-1XX  
REG-435 Organizational Behavior MGT-412  
REG-584 Pathophysiology BIO-1XX Scientific Perspective – Life
REG-426 Prof Strategies Nursing ELE-1XX  
REG-485 Psych of Adulthood/Aging PSY-3XX Human Behavior Perspective
REG-503 Psych/Mental Health Nursing PSY-3XX Human Behavior Perspective
REG-509 Religions of the World REL-223 Religion Perspective
REG-436 Research Methods in Psychology SSC-320 Human Behavior - Sociology
REG-537 Research in Nursing ELE-3XX  
REG-412 Social Psychology PSY-228 Human Behavior Perspective
REG-408 Statistics MAT-201 Mathematics
REG-512 World Conflicts HTY-3XX Global Perspective
REG-487 World Population SSC-3XX Human Behavior Perspective