Transient Students

Taking a course at another college?

  1. Approval to take a course at another college must be granted
    1. The college or university must be regionally accredited
    2. If the institution is a community college, transfer credits must not exceed 64 hours
    3. If an equivalent transfer credit is not found in SLU's transfer database, more information will be necessary before an approval is granted.
      • In order to have the Registrar's Office pre-approve transfer credit of courses from another institution, the student must provide the following documentation:
        • Copy of the current course description
        • Copy of the current catalog cover
        • Mail or fax to the following address:
          • Saint Leo University Center for Online Learning
            Attn: Student Advisors
            1120 E. Kennedy Blvd.  Suite 214
            Tampa, FL  33602
            FAX 888-743-8116
  2. Prepare ahead of time (At least 8 weeks in advance)
    1. Choose a course
    2. Choose a college
    3. Receive approval
    4. Register
  3. Complete Transient Student Form
  4. Your Advisor will email or FAX an approved transient form to you
  5. Print approved transient form and present it upon registration to the college

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