Comprehensive Exams

Comprehensive Exams

The Center for Online Learning requires all students taking ACC-498, COM-498, CRM-499, GBA-298, GBA-498, HCA-498, HRA-498, MKT-498, PSY-499, or SOC-499 to complete a Comprehensive Examination before graduation. Comprehensive Examinations support Saint Leo University in assessing the knowledge of graduates and are used by the University to maintain a high quality, accredited curriculum. The Comprehensive Examinations are to be taken during the final term in conjunction with the Capstone Courses (see table below). The COMPREHENSIVE EXAMS ARE MANDATORY! THERE ARE NO EXCEPTIONS!

Important Comprehensive Exam Information

NOTE: This proctor form is to be submitted by Center for Online Learning Students ONLY.

NOTE: Please do not submit the proctor form until the term you are to take the exam.

ACC-498, COM-498, CRM-799, GBA-298, GBA-498, HCA-498, HRA-498, MKT-498, PSY-499, SOC-499 Comprehensive Exams are administered online.

The Comprehensive Examination must be proctored. Proctor guidelines are as follows:

  • Must be at least 18 years of age
  • Must NOT be related to you in any way
  • Must NOT be a Saint Leo student
  • Must NOT be someone you report to in a professional capacity, if possible
  • Must be someone who agrees to provide the information requested on the Proctor Agreement Form.
  • Must be able to administer the test by the end of week 7.
  • Must have a valid email address.
  • Exam instructions will be emailed to proctors who have submitted the Proctor Agreement Form.
  • The Proctor and the student together must submit one Proctor Agreement Form online before the Comprehensive Exam instructions are sent.
  • If you fail to submit your Proctor Agreement Form in time you will not be able to take the Comprehensive Exam, and will receive an Incomplete for the course.
  • Your Proctor must administer the test in accordance with the University Honor Code.

The deadline for students to submit all Proctor Agreement Forms is:

  • The Last Day of Week 3
  • No Exceptions!

All Comprehensive Exams are due:

  • End of the 7th Week
  • No Exceptions!

Remember, the exam is taken in conjunction with each Capstone Course.

  • It is mandatory to take the Comprehensive Exam in the same term that you take the Capstone Course.
  • It is your responsibility to contact your student advisor (via email) with any issue you may have concerning taking your Comprehensive Exam.
  • Please contact your student advisor with any questions that you might have concerning the Comprehensive Exam.
  • Saint Leo University hopes each graduate does his or her best on the Comprehensive Examinations.

Comprehensive Examination Assessment Fees can be paid using eLion. Go to the Student Menu under Financial Information and click on Student Billing Detail/Make a Payment. An Assessment fee charge for the exam must be showing before you can make the payment.

Major Specialization Course Examination(s) Cost
BA.CRIMJ N/A CRM499 ETS Major Field Test - CRM-496 $50
BA.ACC N/A ACC498 ETS Major Field Test $50
BA.BUSAD ACC, MGT, MKT GBA498, ACC498, MKT498 ETS Major Field Test $50
BS.CIS N/A COM498 ETS Major Field Test $50
BA.HRA N/A HRA498 ETS Major Field Test $50
BA.HCA N/A HCA498 ETS Major Field Test $50
BA.PSY N/A PSY499 ETS Major Field Test - PSY-496 $50
BA.SOC N/A SOC499 ETS Major Field Exam SOC-496 $50
AA.BA N/A GBA298 ETS Major Field Test for Associate Degree Business Program $50

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