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Academic Advisor

  • A Saint Leo University staff member who helps a student achieve her or his educational goals by providing guidance on courses, program requirements, prerequisites, programs of study, and policies and procedures.

Academic Dishonesty

  • Representing another person's work as your own, active complicity in any falsification, or violation test conditions.

Academic Load

  • The total number of credit hours enrolled in during one semester.


  • Occurring separate of other interaction; delay in communication; not at the same time (i.e. message board).

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Bachelor of arts degree (B.A.)

  • A degree conferred on a person who has successfully completed his undergraduate studies, usually in a branch of the liberal arts or humanities.

Bachelor of science degree (B.S.)

  • A degree conferred on a person who has successfully completed his undergraduate studies in a branch of the sciences.


  • Refers to the bachelor's degree.

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Catalog Year

  • Colleges and universities periodically publish new catalogs, updating policies, procedures, and degree programs. Students are held to the policies and procedures listed in the catalog that was current during the time in which they were matriculated.

Center for Online Learning (COL)

  • A part of Saint Leo University, the Center for Online Learning (COL) provides degree programs regardless of location and reaches students in over 33 countries. Celebrating more than 25 years of continuing education, today Saint Leo University is the sixth largest provider of higher education to the military.


  • Level of progress toward a degree with classifications of freshman, sophomore, junior, or senior, depending on the number of semester hours completed.
Classification Credits Earned
Freshman 0-30
Sophomore 30-60
Junior 60-90
Senior 90 and above


  • Knowingly sharing your work for someone else's benefit.

Provisionnal Acceptance

  • An admissions status for students who fall short of meeting admission requirements (usually low GPA, 1.75 to 1.99) but are permitted to take classes with the expectation that improvement will transpire; provisional accepted students must adhere to the following conditions: maintain a GPA of 2.0 for SLU classes; register for ONLY one class per term; cannot withdraw from more than one class during the first 12 hours attempted; may take up to 12 credit hours prior to an academic review; and contact an academic advisor prior to enrolling each term.

Credit hour (Cr.)

  • A unit of measurement used in determining the quantity of work taken. Each credit hour is roughly equivalent to one hour of course time per week. For example, a course meeting three hours a week would be a three-credit-hour course. All COL courses, except developmental courses carry three credit hours.


  • A sequenced collection of courses that meets the requirements for a degree in a particular field of study, also referred to as a major.


  • The cyber equivalent of traditional library with literary resources, article databases, and other media.

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Degree Program

  • A collection of courses required for completion of a particular degree.


  • Changing the student's course schedule by adding and/or dropping a course. At COL this usually takes places during the first half of the first week of courses.

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  • The Free Application for Federal Student Aid; a document designed to assess financial need based on personal and/or guardian finances.

Family Education Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA)

  • A federal law regarding the privacy of student records and the obligations of the institution, primarily in the areas of release and access provided to such records.

Financial Aid

  • Any resource used to help pay educational costs, often including loans, grants, and scholarships.

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Grade Point Average (GPA)

  • The GPA is determined by first multiplying the credit hours attempted by the quality points earned and then dividing the total quality points earned by the total hours attempted.
Course Hours Attempted Grade Grade Point Quality Points
FAS 121 3 A 4.00 12.00
MAT 201 3 D 1.00 3.00
ENG 121 3 B 3.00 9.00
Total 9     24

Grade Point Average: 24/9 = 2.66

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Honor Code

  • The written expectation of Saint Leo University of its students to be honest in their academic pursuit and present their own work.


  • The unit by which course work is measured. The number of semester hours assigned to a course is usually determined by the number of hours a course meets per week.

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  • Common area in which static communication, synchronous, and/or asynchronous interaction can transpire (i.e. web page, chat room, message board)


  • Involvement through Redefined Online Activities and Services; COL's student involvement interface which serves to compliment the classroom experience by providing additional co-curricular opportunities and an online student community

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  • A program of courses that meets the requirements for a degree in a particular field of study.

Matriculation (Matriculated Student Status)

  • Students who have gone through the admissions process and have been accepted into the institution; Matriculated students are degree seeking and have met all requirements and guidelines set forth by Saint Leo University for admission.


  • A systematic program of study in an area of emphasis outside a student's major that requires a less amount of credit hours than a major. A student cannot earn a minor while pursuing an Associate Degree.


  • Submitting someone else's work as your own; lying to a professor or instructor.

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  • 'Good manners' for the Internet; Internet cultural and behavioral do's, do not's, and expectations.


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  • Online Academic Standards Committee

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  • The stealing and/or passing off someone else's ideas and/or work as you own or using the work of another individual without crediting her or him.

Prerequisite (Pr.)

  • Prior coursework (usually a class) required to take a class; Classes students have to take before taking higher level classes.

Psych/Soc Glitch

  • There is a glitch in our system that occurs when a student transfers in a course that fulfills our PSY 121 requirement. The system does not recognize that this requirement has been fulfilled. You may not take another psychology course although there is still a blank space on your program outline. The course you are required to take is SSC 101 Human Behavior Perspective. The program outline will correct itself once SSC 101 is completed.

Program Outline (PO)

  • A sequence of courses required to complete a degree which is supplied to you by Saint Leo University after the evaluation of any transfer credits.

Post or Posting

  • A message or response to a message on a message board (also see thread)

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  • Saint Leo University requires that students complete a minimum of thirty credits with Saint Leo University before a student can earn a BA or BS degree, and fifteen for an AA degree. Saint Leo University also requires that a minimum of 15 credits in the BA or BS major be completed with Saint Leo University. Residency refers to the courses completed with the 'home' University; students are not required to attend courses at the main campus.

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Saint Leo University (SLU)

  • Saint Leo University is a Catholic co-educational, liberal arts-based University that serves people of all faiths. We are one of the most sizable Catholic institutions in the United States as well as the sixth largest provider of military higher education in the nation. Located on 120 rolling acres in central Florida, Saint Leo is a more complex University than most students realize. Saint Leo University has 14 Centers: thirteen are in the School of Continuing Education and one, the Center for Online Learning, reports directly to the Vice President for Academic Affairs. The Center for Online Learning serves more than 5,000 students worldwide and when combined with the continuing education centers of Saint Leo University in Florida, Virginia, South Carolina, Georgia, and Texas educate, the University serves approximately 11,000 students. A degree earned at any one of SLU's Centers, including the Center for Online Learning is the same as a degree achieved on the main campus.

Saint Leo Web Mail

  • Email account supplied to all Saint Leo University students, faculty and staff; email accounts that end in; official documents and correspondence by the University will be sent to the students' Saint Leo University Web mail address.

Student Code of Conduct

  • Expected Saint Leo University student behavior and conduct.

Student Handbook

  • Saint Leo University document outlining current information on academic and student affairs policies and procedures.


  • An outline of an academic class often including course objectives and goals, list of assignments, description of assignments, due dates, meeting schedule, expectations, and professor contact information.


  • Occurring in 'real time'; interaction without delay; at the same time (i.e. chat room).

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  • An institution's official record of a student's academic history which includes grades earned, courses taken, date of graduation (if applicable), degree conferred (if applicable), and the cumulative grade point average (GPA) for the institution.

Transfer Student

  • Students who have completed academic credit at an/other institution(s) and desire to transfer the credit to a new institution to count towards degree completion.


  • A collection of postings on a message board that have the same subject (also see post or posting)

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Undergraduate Student

  • A college-level student who has not received a bachelor's degree.

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VA Benefits

  • A government funded financial assistance program for women and men who have served in the US military and are seeking educational and training opportunities.

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