1. What is eLion?

WebAdvisor is a Web interface that allows you to access information contained in the Saint Leo University administrative database.

2. What can I do with eLion?

eLion provides students with real-time information about their class schedules, grades, account information, financial aid and much, much more. In addition, students can register for classes and view their missing and required documents.

3. How do I access eLion?


You have to request your login by using the What's my user ID? function on eLION.

  • To obtain your Username
    • Select What's my user ID? and type in the request information and hit enter
    • Your Username will appear on the next screen
  • To obtain your Password
    • If you are a NEW student, your default eLion Password is the same as your Saint Leo Webmail and iRoar
      • eLion Password – first initials of your first and last names plus the last 4 digits of your social security number (for example: if you name is Jane Doe, your password would be jd1234)
  • FORGOTTEN passwords will have to be RESET by clicking on the submit an online help request here under the Welcome to eLion heading located on the Main Menu page.
  • New eLion users or students who have had their eLion passwords reset will be prompted to create a new password after logging in – please do not forget your password!


Your login for the saintleo.edu webmail (https://mail.saintleo.edu/) is as follows:

Login is firstname.lastname (there is a period in between your first and last name).

Password is yyXXXX, the y's represent the first letters of your first and last name, and the X's represent the last four numbers of your social security number.

For example:

  • It might be clark.kent for the login and the password would be ck0000.

4. What is 'Application Status' in eLion?

PEND - An application for admission has been received but all official documentation needed to make a decision has not been received or the application is in review for an admission decision.

ADMIT - Applicant has been admitted to the University.

STU - Is now in student status and ready to register for classes.

5. What information is in 'My Documents'?

Description: The description of the documents that have been received and are requested by the Office of Admission and the Office of Financial Aid.

Status: Documents received are logged into the database with the following statuses.

R is Received
W is Waived
N is Not received
I is Incomplete: The financial aid office has received this document from you but it is incomplete - your follow up is needed. If you have not yet received a letter from the financial aid office explaining what is needed, contact the financial aid office.

6. How can I get a copy of my grade report and is it an 'official' transcript?

Yes, the official grade report can be printed from eLion. This is NOT an official transcript. To order an official transcript please call 352-588-8233.

7. Can I view Financial Aid by Term/Year?

From the main menu, you can view your financial aid by the term and by the entire year.