1. What is Webmail?

Saint Leo University provides a web-based email account to all students. You can access Webmail here: https://mail.saintleo.edu/


2. How do I login to Webmail?

Login is firstname.lastname (there is a period in between your first and last name). Password is yyXXXX, the y's represent the first letters of your first and last name, and the X's represent the last four numbers of your social security number.

For example:

  • It might be Clark.Kent for the login and the password would be ck0000.
  • If you have a common name, try adding a number after your last name, such as Clark.Kent01


3. Why would I use Saint Leo University's Webmail?

Webmail is used for a variety of things. It will have your eLion login and password once you request it. Also, registration verification is sent there when you enroll via eLion. Program outlines and University News are both periodically sent to student's webmail accounts.