Rights & Responsiblities

Saint Leo University is committed to a policy which provides an equal opportunity for full participation of all qualified individuals with disabilities. Academic accommodations and services are provided to allow full participation. The student with a disability has certain responsibilities which facilitate the process of having your accommodations met in a timely fashion. Students seeking accommodations are responsible for providing the Office of Disability Services (ODS) with recent documentation of their disabilities at or before the time they are requesting services.

Accommodations or Services Person Responsible How?
Acquiring Accommodation letters Student It is the responsibility of the student to contact the Center Director or designee to discuss your accommodations each semester. The student will either pick up the letters to give to the professors or make arrangements to have them sent.
Presenting accommodation letters to the instructors Student It is your responsibility to request that letters be sent to your instructors each semester. This request must be in writing (e-mail is acceptable) to the Director of Disability Services(mary.sloan@saintleo.edu). All requests should be made at the beginning of the semester before problems arise. You are encouraged to make an appointment with each of your instructors to discuss your accommodations and learning needs.
Books on Tape

Kurzweil Reading Program
Student You are encouraged to contact ODS with the title, author, edition,publisher, ISBN number of the books you need at least 4 weeks before you need them. When books are not available on tape, the book can be scanned into the computer and the Kurzweil program will read it. You must submit a copy of the book to the ODS and state the type of computer.
Extended test time Student, Instructor, and Center Director or designee. You must remind the instructor at least 1 week in advance of the test. Please make arrangements with the professor and the Center Director or the designee.

Problems Related to Accommodations
If you are experiencing difficulties in a class, you must let your instructor know so that the instructor can make the necessary adjustments. If you and/ or the instructor would like assistance from the Office of Disability Services (ODS) to implement the adjustments, please contact the office. If you have shown your letter to an instructor and s/he is not honoring one or more of the listed accommodations, please speak with the instructor. If this continues, please contact the Director of Disability Services. The ODS will intervene and mediate so that your rights are protected. The ODS can not make retroactive accommodations. If you think your accommodations are inadequate for your circumstances, please make an appointment with the Director of Disability Services. If you become aware that our needs have changed, please schedule an appointment. It is important to be proactive and head off problems before they arise.

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Please make a copy of this page and return to the Center Director or the designee. A copy will be sent to the Office of Disability Services to be kept in your file. For a hard copy of the Policy and Procedure manual, please call 352-588-8464.