Green Dot Coordinators & Team Members

Meet the Green Dot Team

The Green Dot team works to provide support, guidance and assistance to all residential students. The professional staff team currently includes a Green Dot Coordinator, a Green Dot Facilitator, and several implementation team members.

The Green Dot Office is located in de Chantal Hall, room 110. You can reach us by e-mail at, or by phone at (352) 521-3358.

Our office hours are Tuesdays and Thursdays 1pm-4pm. We encourage students, staff, members of faculty, and others to stop in and inquire about coaching others on how to ask for help or receive tips on deterring dating/domestic violence and sexual assault concerns.

For emergency assistance 24/7 via the Campus Safety office, contact (352-588-8432).

Aubrey Hall

Green Dot Coordinator


Magdala Saint-Louis

Green Dot Facilitator

Implementation Team


Joseph Arner

Director of Talent Development
Phone: 352.588.7458

Dawn Boltin

Assistant Athletic Trainer - 12 Month
Phone: 352.588.8499

Deanna Bullard

Assistant Director of Career Planning
Phone: 352.588.8468

Susan Cross

Athletic Trainer - 12 month
Phone: 352.588.7557 

Joanne Crossman

Professor of Education
Phone: 352.588.7229

Mike D'Ambrosio

Director of Campus Safety and Security
Phone: 352.588.8439

Beverley DiGiacobbe

Title IX Investigator/Trainer
Phone: 352.588.7429 

Lawson Jolly

Director of Counseling Services
Phone: 352.588.8354

Meagan Jones

Assistant Director of Career Planning
Phone: 352.588.8231 


Tiffany Nelson

Prevention Counselor
Phone: 352.588.7203


Machele Nutt

Senior Coordinator Counseling Services
Phone: 352.588.8199