Professional Development Fund - Honors

Purpose: To apprise honors students of the existence and policies of the Professional Development Fund (PDF) for the Honors Program


  1. The Honors Council:
    Fulltime Honors Students apply for PDF funds by submitting a standardized 3-page form indicating the purpose of the activity, the impact funding support will have on the university, and the amount requested. The applications will be reviewed by the Honors Council.

The PDF Committee has established working policies to insure fairness and maximize limited resources.

  1. Support is limited to one trip per student
  2. Funding is made in two categories: "upper" and "lower".
    1. Maximum initial payment for "upper" is $300.00.
      - Example: presenting a paper, chairing a panel, etc.
    2. Maximum initial payment for "lower" is $100.00.
      - Example: attending a conference or workshop

Note: Students whose PDF payments do not cover their total expenses might also inquire as to whether supplemental funding is available from other sources. If so, please notify the PDF committee to be removed from its supplemental payment file. Otherwise, any remaining funds will be split among students who did not receive full funding for their request.

Submission Procedure:

  1. Request is submitted to Dr. Jacci White in duplicate via hand or mailbox using the attached form.
  2. The Honors Council circulates the request and determines the level of payment.
  3. Jacci White enters data into Datatel and forwards submissions to procurement and notifies VPAA of need for approvals for processing of check.
  4. Payment should be made within 30 days of submission.

Download the application here.