Current Students

Returning Students
Students already registered with the ODS do not need to resubmit documentation and need only to notify the ODS they are enrolled. At the beginning of each term, students must contact the ODS at to request their letter of accommodation for that term. Students moving from an undergraduate to graduate program do not need to re-apply with the ODS and need only follow the same process for returning students.

If you are a current student who would like to receive accommodations for a disability but have not registered with the ODS, please reference the Process for Requesting Accommodations.

Students with Suspected Disabilities
Some students arrive at Saint Leo University with disabilities having never been diagnosed. Such students may have been very skilled in developing coping strategies and compensatory skills that made it possible for them to succeed in high school, but these strategies may prove insufficient for college work. If these students find themselves doing poorly at Saint Leo University, we encourage them to meet with the Office of Disability Services. Although Saint Leo University does not provide psycho-educational evaluations, the Assistant Director in the Office of Disability Services will work with the student and decide if a referral is necessary. The Assistant Director will refer the student to an off- campus licensed psychologist for a complete psycho-educational evaluation and assessment of skills. The cost of psycho-educational testing is the responsibility of the student.